Meet the blogger

Hi there!

I’m Melanie and I live in the fine city of Norwich, UK..

I am an aspiring author, even though by all the rules, I am much too old to be starting out. I am writing fiction that sits somewhere in the intersection of myth and history and fantasy.

This blog is a place to put all the ideas, theories and interesting bits of research that inspire my fiction but don’t quite belong there.

Why do I love Myth? I trace it back to Barton Stacy Primary School near Winchester, in Hampshire which I attended between the ages of five and seven, (1965 – 1967). When I had finished the last reading book in the Janet and John series they opened up a cupboard containing all the accumulated, out-dated reading books of the past twenty years and let me loose. That’s where I first met ‘The Cutty Wren’ and  ‘The Wizard of Alderley Edge’ and ‘Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came’. We were read ‘Tales of King Arthur’ by Mrs McLeod. Then one memorable afternoon, when two classes had to be thrown together, Mr Poole took us all to the Gym and we re-enacted the Siege of Troy with the school vaulting horse as the Wooden Horse.

That’s how you build an imagination!


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